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Hello again,
I sent my request 3 times to solve my problem
1. 07.Jan.20
2. 08.Jan.20
3. 13.Jan.20
but since on 08th January which wrongly switched my ID and did not solved my problem. Until today, I did not receive any feedback.
On 07th January, I found the trouble that during the registration of my 2 referred partners, I trying  to explain step by step as below.

1. I have invited my two partners correctly. (My original ID:34893 with connected my wallet address 0x677ad7391ae7073f1bcc1ac29e64169aba7195ea)
(Please see as attached photo which is my original ID:34893 with my wallet address just after my registration into the Million money dated 30.Dec.2019 for you reference)

2. After the registration, 2 each partners positioned normally below my line on my structure with ID 45831 and 45835.

3. But 2 each bonus (0.03x2) not received into the EARNED ETHEREUM on my ID:34893 control panel and my wallet.  

4. Due to this trouble, I have checked where it sent on the Etherscan system, I found that my partners bonus sent with wrong ID 34894. But, in the system shown that ID 34894 received 2 each bonus, but down line structure did not exist 2 partners.

5. Then I wrote email to system support that asked to solve my trouble.

6. On 08th January I received email from support that "YOUR ID 34894".

7. After this email, I have check my control panel, my original ID 34893 switched into wrong ID 34894.

8. Even though, my 2 each reffered partners earned ethereum not receive to the switched ID 34894.

9. As well my down line partners did not exist in switched ID 34894 structure.

10. Then I sent below email to Million Money support again and did not receive any feedback and any change on my ID account until now.

11. Now the trouble still exist, my original ID 34893 received 2 each partners bonus 0.03x2=0.06 into the account. Also my invited partners positioned on the ID 34893 structure. My original ID position below unknown ID 21864.     

12. I think the support did not understand well and switched wrongly my trouble.

Could you kindly check and advise to solve my misunderstanding switch of my ID trouble?
If you need any confirmation. I could provide all related data.

In my opinion the solution is

1. Just switch back wrong ID 34894 number to my original ID 34893 to correct position below ID 31060. (Most easy solution)
2. Or please redirect my referred partners with ID 45831 and 45835 to below ID 34894. And give my earned ethereum into the switched account.

I look forward to hearing from your soon reply.

Bathuu Hashaa
User with wallet address:
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